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My core values inform everything I do.


I value trust in all relationships. I believe that transparency, mutual respect and appreciation of differences elevate relationships to a higher level and allow growth to happen.


I believe in embracing challenges and enjoying the feeling of achievement that follows. I am committed to supporting my clients as they embrace their fears and discover their inherent courage.


Together we explore options, opportunities and hidden potentials. I support clients in satisfying their desire for adventure and positive change in everyday life and responsibilities. I want my clients to be able to share their renewed energy with the people they care about the most.


Learning creates options, and options allow choice. To assure a high quality service, I am dedicated to consistently growing my professional skills and competencies through continuous learning and personal development.


I love what I do, I am grateful I have the opportunity to continue doing it, and this makes all the difference. I want my clients to discover their own passions and to take concrete steps to introduce them into their lives. It’s worth it.

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