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A focused preparation will increase the awareness of your own strengths and your confidence level. Preparation needs time & dedication AND it is absolutely worth it

The ilaria coaching reading room has been created to provide useful information
& templates, spark your curiosity and support your journey, whether we have been working together, our paths have crossed in some other way, or you are simply browsing around.

‘I love walking into a bookshop and getting lost. There is always something to find that I didn’t know I wanted or needed, or even existed, until I see it there, on the shelves. So get comfortable, take your time to explore what’s on these shelves, and enjoy!’

– Ilaria

Be CV Ready

How to structure your cv, highlight your strengths, and get the interview!

Have you ever postponed a job application because your CV wasn’t ready? How do you feel at the thought of spending the next weekend working on your CV? Break through the barriers of writing your CV: break down the process into 3 steps.

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Be Cover Letter Ready

Tell your story: how to structure your cover letter, highlight your competencies and become a strong candidate!

The Cover Letter frames your skills and competencies to put your experience in context. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your story and connect with the readers. This document focuses on Analysis, Structure and Storytelling explained through 3 cover letter samples.

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Be Interview Ready

How to prepare, make the right impression, and get the job!

A focused interview preparation will increase the awareness of your own strengths, your confidence level, and will support effective answers to both predictable and unexpected interview questions.

Preparation is key. The document focuses on Competency Based Questions and explains the S.T.A.R. Model to structure your answers more effectively.

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