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I provide specialised and personalised coaching services.

I believe in taking action to get clarity on our professional and personal objectives.


Are you looking for a career move? Would you like a new job? Have you tried a few approaches so far without getting the results you wanted? Let’s reset, together.

Life & Wellness

Would you like something different and new in your life? Are you feeling a sense of unease but can’t really nail down what it is? We will assess the current reality, explore opportunities and discover new options so that you’ll get clarity and feel re-energised.

Corporate Training

As Communication & Executive Coach I work closely with the NxtGEN Team. Our focus is on building confidence & leader presence.

The journey starts here.

Imagine a pathway with uneven, worn-out steps, going gently uphill… although at times we trip, we enjoy the walk and focus simply on keeping up the pace. When we decide to implement positive change in our life, our commitment to change is an uneven path to new positive habits: enjoy the journey!

Together we’ll create a plan and stay focused on our commitment - one actionable step at a time.

Enjoy the adventure and feel the adrenaline of taking positive and concrete action.

There might be something here for you… let’s find out.

I offer virtual sessions worldwide

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Meet Ilaria Dondero: Founder | Master Coach

I founded ilaria coaching in 2014 and since then I have worked with thousands of individuals supporting them through life transitions and career changes.

My approach is structured and down-to-earth, the process is action-based and strictly confidential. I’m currently based in Dublin, Ireland, and offer individual and group coaching services worldwide.


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All the free resources are designed to stimulate thought and provide some insights for personal and professional growth.

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