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Specialist areas are: Career Change, Decision Making, Transition & Change Management, Building Self-Confidence.

I provide specialised and personalised coaching support. My focus is on people development.

I believe in celebrating positive change and taking action to get clarity on our professional and personal objectives, create an effective plan to reach them, and stay focused and motivated in our commitment… one step at a time.

Are you going through a period of professional and personal transition?

Are you unsure about options? Do you feel you may lack the skills or the experience to navigate through this uncertain moment?

At times uncertainty and risk make us feel confused about what to do.

Together we will identify what to do next, and how to approach the situation at best - with courage and no more procrastination.

Most of us at times struggle with procrastination in one or more areas of our lives due to lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, fear of failure, or maybe simply due to lack of knowledge or information.
Let’s stop it.

Feel READY: this is at the heart of my structured and dynamic coaching process.

Together we will work with your natural resourcefulness so that you’ll feel safe, reassured, in control, re-energised...in one word READY to move forward.

Enjoy the adventure of self-discovery and feel the adrenaline of taking positive and concrete action, even just by taking the first step…

Start the coaching process now!

Imagine a cobbled alley with uneven, worn-out steps, going gently uphill…

Although at times we trip, more often we enjoy the walk and focus simply on keeping up the pace.

When we decide to implement positive change in our life, our commitment to change is an uneven path to new positive habits: enjoy the journey!

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These resources are for you, to stimulate thought and provide some insights for personal and professional growth.



All ilaria coaching services aim to support you during a period of professional and personal transition.

When uncertainty and self-doubt hinder our decision-making ability, I believe positive actions need to be taken to regain clarity and self-confidence.

Find out more about ilaria coaching services and the process in Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching and Corporate Training.

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The process is structured and dynamic, safe and strictly confidential. The coaching process is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances: this is why the programme is unique to each client.

My approach is action-oriented. During the ilaria coaching process you can expect to:

get clarity, get focused, get a plan, get energy, get shaken, get confidence, get reassurance… and get personalised support.
Every situation is unique, and it will be treated as such, in respectful confidentiality.

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