All ilaria coaching services aim to support you during a period of professional and personal transition. When uncertainty and self-doubt hinder our decision-making ability, I believe positive actions need to be taken to regain clarity and self-confidence.

Are you looking to change your career? Would you like a new job?

Would you like something different and new in your life but you can’t really nail down what it is?

Positive change comes from positive action; confidence is built over time, and motivation comes next (I know, sometimes I would like a magic wand too).


How does it work?

The coaching process is structured and dynamic, safe and strictly confidential. My approach is action-oriented, forward-looking, and strongly guided by my core values.

We will first start with a free initial consultation to discuss your current situation, clarify expectations and better understand how I can support you. Once I explain how the process will help you, you can decide whether you would like to go ahead. Then, and only then, will the coaching process begin.

The process

The coaching process is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances: this is why the programme is unique to each client.

My approach is action-oriented. You can expect to:

get clarity, get focused, get a plan, get energy, get shaken, get confidence, get reassurance…and get personalised support.
Every situation is unique, and it will be treated as such, in respectful confidentiality.


Career Coaching

Are you looking for a different job in your field? Would you like a new career altogether? Do you feel ready to go back to work after some time off but don’t know where to start?

Career Coaching supports you through periods of professional transition. We are naturally adaptable and extremely resourceful - only sometimes we forget it.

Think of me as your personal career biographer. Together we will write your story.

Careers have become more and more diverse, fluid, at times going in unplanned directions with no clear destinations. At times our careers are like a soup: tasty, healthy, with too many ingredients…and suddenly we are confused and can’t see the wood from the trees.

How to get clarity? Together we will find the thread that runs through your unique story. You are the main character. We will identify your experience, strengths and transferable skills so that you feel:

… and finally ready to get out there.

Find a career path that fits both your professional aspirations and personal needs. Achieve work-life balance. 

Become a strong candidate: get clarity, get directions, be prepared. Preparation is key and how you prepare does matter.

I am proud to be able to provide continuous support during the process: please use my expertise, share your progress as it happens.

We are a team.



Life Coaching is a process of self-discovery.

My approach to Life Coaching is Strengths-Based.

The process aims to build a strong foundation by exploring your core values and beliefs, to understand what is really important to you.

The environment is warm, safe, positive and most importantly non-judgmental.

The goal is to achieve clarity, dissipate self-doubt, and take positive action.

We will assess the current reality, explore opportunities and discover new options.

Each coaching process is designed and agreed only after a free initial consultation to understand your needs and expectations, and how I can support you.

Coaching sessions are both enjoyable and rewarding. You’ll get something concrete out of it. You can expect to:

Your confidence and motivation will increase exponentially, as well as your physical and mental energy.

I am proud to be able to provide continuous support during the process: please use my expertise, share your progress as it happens if you feel like it.

Become equipped to make decisions based on what is most valuable to you: start now!

We are a team.


Wellness coaching

The state of mind we are in is a deciding factor. It determines whether or not we take positive action, and follow through our commitments.

The Wellness Coaching process combines coaching models and tools with sport psychology concepts and techniques.

We will work together to build up your motivation, plan realistically, transform frustration into adrenaline…and have some fun in the process.

We will work on improving your self-awareness and your ability to handle emotions under pressure so that you enhance your existing skills and develop new ones.

Achieve mental focus and concrete results.

We are a team.


Corporate Training

Since 2015 I have been collaborating with Paul Slattery and NxtGEN to provide customised Corporate Training to NxtGEN’s corporate and academic client base.

As Communication and Executive Coach I work closely with Paul Slattery and the NxtGEN Team: our focus is on individual development plans and, ultimately, on team performance.

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