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My Story

I am originally from a town in the hills behind Genoa, Italy. In my mid-twenties I moved to Dublin, and I was immediately exposed to a very diverse and dynamic environment, with a thriving business scene. It was 2005.

I embraced a career in the corporate Financial Services sector, which I truly enjoyed. Throughout the years I was introduced to a variety of approaches to coaching and professional development.

Things radically changed in 2013 when we went through Collective Redundancy. Uncertainty took hold, and individual personal and professional stories surfaced, like bubbles in boiling water. I had personally explored the coaching process a few years earlier, and it had changed my perspective deeply. Having started my journey as a certified Coach, I had the opportunity to support the company’s Career Transition Programme, and I found the experience extremely valuable.

So there I was: nearly ten years after I had landed in Dublin I founded ilaria coaching, out of a passion to continue my work internationally as a coach and trainer for both individuals and organisations.

My career transition was a textbook one: excitement, anticipation, commitment, hard work, mixed with uncertainty and confusion…in variable doses.

Now when negative emotions knock at my door I am equipped to deal with them, and better prepared. Much better prepared. Every time I face a new challenge, every time I start a new project, every time things seem to take the wrong turn, I remind myself of the recipe that has been supporting me consistently, unquestionably:


I continue working in Dublin and offer individual and group coaching services worldwide. I deliver corporate training in Ireland and abroad. I teach Business Communication Skills courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I am a public speaker and deliver career and personal development talks.

I support individuals through life transitions and career changes, following a structured process to help us move forward. Getting clarity and focus are essential stepping stones in the process.

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My professional expertise has a solid foundation in years of international experience within the corporate environment. Personal qualifications include: Masters Degree in Law; Higher Diploma in Business (DBS); Certified Master Coach Practitioner (PSG); Qualified Trainer (IITD).

The Process

The process at ilaria coaching is structured and dynamic, safe and strictly confidential. The coaching process is tailored to individual needs and circumstances: this is why the programme is unique to each client.

My approach is action-oriented.

Each individual coaching process is designed only after a free initial consultation to understand each client's needs and expectations.

The process is both enjoyable and rewarding. You’ll get something concrete out of it. You can expect to get clarity, become excited about change and enjoy the transition you are experiencing. Your confidence and motivation will increase exponentially, as well as your physical and mental energy.

The standard process consists of 5 sessions, of 1hr each, usually every 10 days. However, this may vary depending on individual circumstances. Sessions can be face to face, virtual or by phone, depending on your preference and on where we are in the world. Continuous support is provided during the process.

Services include:

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